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Blue Eyes & Co .: Adorable summer make-up in sea colors

Oceanically good! The new shades of blue for lids, nails and eyelashes beam us back to the wild 80s and make all disco queens - and of course Neptune's daughters - green with envy.

And we? Present the most beautiful looks here and explain how summer make-up works perfectly.

All eyes on - eyes with a mermaid look

Your blue eyes make me so sentimental - so blue eyes. If you look at me like that, I don't care about anything else! Really does not matter! Who still knows the cult song by the 80s band Ideal with their cool front woman Annette Humpe? Yes, dear ladies! The 80ies are not only fashionable back in the house - the new make-up trends for the eyes are also reminiscent of our wildest disco times this summer!

Back then, not just a little eyeshadow was put on , but bold experiments - and really thick. In the 80s, phenomenally good looks were created in shimmering shades of blue, from which the make-up professionals were inspired at the 2018 spring-summer shows. Of course we don't know which song they had in mind, because there are some good songs about blue eyes. But the result was striking blue cat eyes - shaded in the most beautiful ocean tones, from dark blue to turquoise. All perfectly matched to the respective eye color of the catwalk beauties (e.g. seen at the shows by Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Byblos, Marni, House of Holland, Alberta Ferretti).

Admittedly, cat eyes that are softened to under the brow arch and the sides to the temples are not exactly inconspicuous, but they are quite wearable for a hot summer party. Now they can be multicolored and shiny. Gladly with plenty of eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line and with silver highlights in the inner corners of the eyes. And if that's too much for you, you can simply opt for the light version of the aqua eyes. For example for soft blue accentuated eyelids, colored eyeliner or for mascara. Because eyelashes accented in cobalt blue or turquoise set fresh accents and look really good on lightly tanned summer skin.

The best message from the catwalk shows: Blue eyes really go with every eye color if we choose the right shade. For example, smoky blue tones are a good choice because they enhance the mysterious aura. Cool, silvery ocean colors go well with blue. They increase the radiance of the already light eye color. If the iris is gray-green or gray-brown, we make it glow with cool shades of turquoise. And completely green eyes turn into real lights with greenish tones.

What about the nails? Have a blue hour now

Blue is the new red! Sea-colored nail polishes are extremely popular this summer. Dark or light blue, turquoise or metallic blue - we have the full selection. And depending on the mood and of course the outfit, decide which tone can refine our fingertips. Dark blue tones give z. For example, every look has a rock-cool finish, while light nuances appear casual and light summery. The following applies to all styles: polish once to a high gloss, please! The wet look succeeds easily with an extrashiny topcoat.

Very important before applying the colored polish: First protect the nail plate from discoloration with a basecoat. Let it dry briefly, then brush on the colored varnish in two thin layers and seal with a quick-drying topcoat - the blue nails are ready. Incidentally, they are also popular in sparkling metallic tones or with mirror holo effects. Ladies, with so much choice, we like to make it blue!

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