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Make a good impression at the company event with your outfit and styling

A company events such as a Christmas party or a barbecue party in summer is always an event that employees look forward to for a long time. After all, such events are a good opportunity to get to know colleagues a little better.

Since alcohol is also served at such celebrations and the mood is usually a bit more exuberant, you can quickly embarrass yourself at such events. Already the outfit for the Entertaining clients can make something wrong. Read what you should pays attention to when it comes to clothing.

Unusual or reserved - what you like is not always allowed

Even if a company party is usually a more informal event: it is better to leave your disco outfit in the cupboard at a company event. In general, the dress depends on the type of event. If you are planning an evening of bowling, for example, miniskirts and high heels are certainly not the right choice. Even if you want to organize a hike with your colleagues, you should rather wear functional clothing. Jeans and anorak as well as weatherproof and robust shoes are the ideal companions on such a hike.

Company event Christmas party: which outfit is advisable?

At a Christmas party or a meal in the posh restaurant around the corner, the outfit can of course be a little more elegant. With jeans and a baggy look you would even be underdressed for such a corporate event. However, always adhere to the principle “less is more”: choose jewelry and accessories carefully and do not overdo it either with your make-up.


A delicate complexion foundation, a little mascara and eye shadow as well as a subtle lipstick are all that's needed. Always keeps in mind that you are not going to a discotheque, but want to have a cozy evening with your colleagues. Under no circumstances should you make the mistake of dressing too overdressed: If evening wear is desired, this is usually expressly stated in the invitation to an event.


Adapt your outfit to your company!

No matter what kind of company event it is: Adapt your clothing to your job. So if you work in a conservative profession, for example in a bank or insurance company, you shouldn't go without a tie and suit at a company party. If, on the other hand, you work in a craft, you are dressed appropriately with jeans and a polo shirt or sweater. It can also be a little more relaxed if you are employed in the advertising industry. Clothing that is too conservative is usually not desired here; Instead, dress fashionably and stylishly.

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