The Ultimate Dermatologist-Recommended Dry Skin Routine

Happy Holidays! Travel with the top ten beauty minis

Mom, when are we finally there? Dad, how much longer? As a child, who didn't annoy their parents with this whining while going on vacation?

And everyone who has children of our own surely also knows the "how long-still-sayings" from their own kids. Well and today? We have all grown up and grown up there - and still look forward to a well-deserved summer vacation like small children. And hopefully it is not far!

And while we happily mark off the remaining working days in the calendar, we think about our vacation suitcase, the hand luggage - and about our favorite beauty travel companions.

They should be small and of course light, because they can either be in the handbag or shouldn't take up too much space and weight in the suitcase. After all, we want to shop for a souvenir or two in the holiday country. techwadia

Therefore, here are our top ten most popular travel minis

·Dry shampoo: Our favorite to quickly freshen up the hairstyle that has been pressed flat in the seat after a long flight or to give the pony new volume.

·Mini hairspray: The professional tamer for flyaway hair that also gives our hairstyle hold.

·Deodorant: Keeps us reliably fresh and free of body odor on the go and at the holiday destination - and gives us a completely safe feeling.

·Make-up removal wipes : Gentle cleaning and care in one wipe. Goodbye make-up, goodbye fine dust, goodbye sebum. Hello pore-deep clean skin.

·Moisturizing care for the face: preferably with good thirst quenchers such as B. hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or glycerin, because the humidity in the aircraft is extremely low at around 10 percent. Also great moisturizers for on the go are small ampoules, which can also be packed individually.

·Toothpaste (or dental care chewing gum): For clean teeth and fresh breath.

·Make-up mini: A light foundation or a tinted day cream to freshen up the complexion quickly before landing.

·Lip balm: A lip balm protects the particularly thin skin of the lips from drying out when traveling. All the better if it is still lightly tinted. We saved ourselves the lipstick.

·Hand cream: The hand care in mini format ensures well-groomed hands on the go.

·Disinfectant gel for the hands: It's always a good idea when you're out and about, because it means we're well prepared against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Ready-made care sets for the trip, which contain the complete all-round carefree care package, are of course particularly practical. E.g. with facial cleansing, tonic, day and night and eye care or manicure and pedicure sets, as well as mini razors and shaving gel for well-groomed legs keep a roll-on format open or ask for a fragrance sample in the perfumery. Very rare specimens can also be transferred to a handy travel atomizer. They are also available in perfumeries.


Good to know: what can be carried in hand luggage on the plane

Actually, we have known for a long time, but every now and then an oversized beauty product gets lost in hand luggage:

According to the EU regulation for hand luggage, liquids (or objects with a comparable consistency, i.e. gels, creams, shampoos etc.) may only be carried in hand luggage in small individual containers of max. 100 ml. All individual containers must be stowed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag of max. 1 l. Only one bag per person is allowed and must be presented separately at the security check at the airport.