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Set Your Makeup Free (TM) with the latest Real Techniques® campaign

YouTube's leading makeup tool brand [1] unveils a new initiative that unlocks the potential of makeup tools through macro-trend-inspired beauty looks

Real Techniques®, the internationally renowned makeup tool brand, has launched a unique and innovative global 360 degree campaign that gives beauty consumers an unprecedented experience.

The # RTtoolup movement aims to inspire - rather than dictate - what the definition of beauty means for each individual by encouraging creative discovery of tools, trends and techniques. In particular, YouTube's leading makeup tool brand [1] and its co-creators, Sam and Nic Chapman at Pixiwoo, are committed to teaching consumers how to choose and use the right makeup tools for real potential from makeup can release.

To launch the #RTtoolup campaign, Sam and Nic Chapman from Real Techniques®, The Future Laboratory - a leading global strategic forward-looking consultancy - and international beauty expert and former international beauty director for Conde Nast Asia Pacific and British Vogue, Kathy Phillips teamed up to interpret how emerging macro trends affect beauty in our ever-evolving world and what innovations are emerging at the shortcut levels.

Sam and Nic Chapman have use these macro trends as their "muse" and created beauty looks from them that are inspired by the macro trends. Every trend has a double beauty look - an impressive style for the “runway” and an equally fascinating look for the “realway”. The aim is to inspire, influence and train makeup users on how to use their makeup tools to redesign their beauty looks in new, exciting ways and give them new energy.

The key look were unveiled at an exclusive launch event for the global press in Soho, London. The energetic catwalk presentation saw models perform in a new and dynamic way, displaying their individual looks in a structure that blurred everything but their faces - which ensured that the expert precision Makeup stole the show. These looks could also be viewed via the visual “Set Your Makeup Free (TM)” lookbook, which shows the trend predictions and demonstrates how they can be enhanced or downplayed with the help of Real Techniques® tools, regardless of the cosmetic colors and -textures you choose.

The trends presented were

·Gender Blur: Defined features come together to create a dramatic, three-dimensional look that celebrates strength, spirit and authenticity

·Neo-Creative Expression: Super pigmented color fields give
areas of the face an expression of self-confidence and
personal strength

·Hyper-Real: virtuality meets reality; Online meets offline. A futuristic beauty look with unlimited luminosity

·People and Power: Strong shades and abstract shapes on a matt surface take a stand and stimulate conversation

·Pursuing Purity: Sensitive materials in a multidimensional formation celebrate the wonder of natural beauty

·Retro gradient: modern interpretations and techniques transport nostalgic make-up trends into the here and now - and beyond

·Sensory Augmentation: The dramatic contrast between textures and pigments creates a sensory overload

Real Techniques® has always competed against prestige brands with its award-winning high quality brushes, sponges and other products. Coupled with the passion, artistry and expertise of the Chapman sisters who have been at the forefront of the brand since its inception, the brand is committed to continuing to provide makeup fans with the high quality expert tools they need.

Tiffany Kurtz-Sewall, Global Marketing Directors at Paris Presents Incorporated, commented, “High quality, custom tools unlock the potential of makeup, and with the right training and inspiration, they have the power to bring you any look from flawless to overwhelming to rent. Beauty should be improvised, but inspired, and that is what defines our mission for the brand: offering know-how in connection with innovative products for the true development of make-up! "

Real Technique will continue to support the “Set Your Makeup Free (TM)” campaign throughout the year and beyond. The looks are presented by Real Techniques to its 2 million followers via Instagram.

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